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Enamel paint suitable range: small part, require richer color portion, pen painted model.

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Tamiya Enamel

The most common enamel paint we can buy in the market, it is oil-based enamel paint. Tamiya enamel paint is delicate, rich color, long drying time, poor adhesion, intolerance for color wash.

This oil-based enamel paint solvents can use general oil-based fuels, such as ZIPPO, kerosene, gasoline, etc., most generally recommended are ZIPPO or special thinner Tamiya.

Attention needed when painting, as this paint has adhesion problems, its adhesion is only slightly better than water-based acrylic paint.

Enamel paint cannot direct contact with oily solvents, and so cannot be used directly ZIPPO plot wash directly dissolved away, the correct way is to spray extinction or varnish protection then weathering can be apply. Enamel paint has long drying time, after just finished spraying coated finish please avoid direct contact which will be very easy to leave your fingerprints.

Enamel paint particles are very fine, and can be dissolved in ZIPPO, advantage for panelining, use for color washing instead of painting color, however it is an oil base paint, so to wipe must use ZIPPO as solvent before they can wipe away, but the advantage is enamel paint easier penetrate into the shallow engraved lines.

Capacity 10ML
Weight 40G
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