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- Make the origin of the GAT-X series new initial! MG SEED remaster project completion.
- Was released last year, Duel Gundam Assault Shroud, Aegis Gundam,
MG series of four machine Buster Gundam, Blitz Gundam. I was put here
Feedback of technologies and concepts, while setting to reproduce the GAT-X frame, high-definition,
Aile Strike Gundam is full and dense full model change of the new proportions
Into a new MG. Aile Strike Gundam as the birth of a New origin here now.
- Beam rifle carrying equipment, such as armor comes with Schneider.
- Can reproduce the Perfect Strike Gundam! MG Sword Launcher Strike optional (
I need a Gundam. )
- Comes with the MG Sword Launcher Strike Gundam (sold separately), and a launcher pack
Striker unit mounted on a gimmick that can be attached to sword pack. In addition, the included
You can reproduce the multi Bull Assault Striker With the battery pack.

- Accessories: Aile Strike pack, rechargeable battery pack, beam rifle, beam saber × 2,
Shield, Armor Schneider × 2, × 4 pilot figure, dedicated pedestal

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Model Grade Master Grade
Model Scale 1:100
Weight 957g
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