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U601G micro gas compressors with cylinders designed for inkjet printing effect demanding work to provide solutions that will cut the bottom water in the air filter can effectively eliminate the presence of moisture in the paint.

Configuring six liters storage cylinder, professional piston air pressure output structure to ensure stable output, suitable for prolonged use.

Piston air structure can maintain pressure 72 hours continuously outputs can be used simultaneously five airbrush.

Stop mode: Auto
RPM: 1430 rpm
• Power (hp): 92W (1/8HP)
• Frequency: 50 HZ (220-240V 0.32A)
Cylinder capacity: 6000ml
Displacement: 28LPM
Using air pressure :0-60 PSI
• Noise dB: 30db
• Body Size: Approx 27CM width 15CM high 31CM
Net weight: 6.5 KG

* This package does not include airbrush

Capacity 6L
Pressure Output 0-60 PSI
RPM 1430
Power 1/8HP
Stop mode Auto
Weight 7.0KG
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