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Because the star shadow concentration paint itself is very high, the real travelling. Press 1 (paint) : 3 (solvent), the proportion of allocation. Specific deployment can according to individual be fond of, it is recommended that the solvent proportion of larger, star shadow model paint is the rise of a new brand, the brand of paint has formed a complete color, with bright color, strong hiding power, adhesion is good, have the advantages of fine particles. So more and more lovers of the model. At the same time, this product can also be used mixed with oily paint of all brands.

Basic color instructions:


1, stir well before use, to remove surface oil, dirt and other impurities;


2. The surface uneven spraying a layer of putty to fill the first, the surface effect is better;


3, in addition to the ABS plastic, it is better to spray a layer of putty, adhesive force is more ideal;


4, the dilution ratio is about: paint, thinner, = 1:3-4, according to the spray gun pressure and out


If oil to adjust the viscosity, surface flow flat is not good, please, whether adding diluent.




Please note: when you paint


1, if the paint varnish, good paint spray out to dry, no light, like powder, spray will suddenly stuck a gun, it is proved that the paint is too thick, need to slowly add thinner, adjust good, don't adjust too much;


2, if don't spray paint; Covering power is bad; Sag (falling edge); Gush out looks luster good, dry after burnish, it is not so ideal. Paint appear these phenomenon, it is proved that the paint is too thin, need to slowly adding paint to adjust.


Precautions: 1 first diluted spray gun, if it is dry, without burnish, oil or powder or particles, this is open enough diluent, please add diluent.


Star paint shadow model features:


Being 1. Concentration is high, when using the paint can be more affordable;

2. Being 15 ml per bottle capacity, diluted to use, cost-effective;

3. Being special paint and thinner light smell, accord with environmental protection standards;

Do things 4. Can use spray coating, can also hand brush coating;

5. Being is hand painted has no obvious scar, thin and uniform coating;

6. Being the superior adhesion and hiding power;

7. Being with the same color for repair, and primary colors no difference;

Do 8. Have dedicated thinner, can strengthen the dispersion paint molecules, the coating is thinner more uniform;

9. Being low round bottle, placed smoothly;

Do 10. Have special cleaning agent, can thoroughly clean the spray and brush;

11. Being is practicality and versatility of color, contrast standard chromatography can mix what color;

12. Being with brand paint, thinner, paint can be compatible with other brands




Capacity 15ML
Weight 50g
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