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- Lineup new in the popular gym system MS The HGUC-izing with first Nemo!
- Reappearance of each form of elasticity is possible for a shield by a substitution part.
- In the waist back, mount of a beam saber is possible.
a backpack -- within a play -- it is reappearance about specification.
- Options, such as a hand part besides armaments of a rifle, a saber, etc., are attached.
- MSA-003 NEMO (Nemo) -- Mass-produced type MS which エゥーゴ was using in "the role of a グリプス game."
U. It will arrange o'clock on the Torrington base in C.0096.

- Accessories : gym rifle, shield, and beam saber x2, a fist (right and left), an open hand (right and left), saber handshaking (right and left), rifle grip (right)

Model Grade High Grade
Model Scale 1:144
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