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- Appear in the game for PS3 "maneuver warfare GUNDAM UC"! The true figure of 100 formulas, formation of variable MS "delta GUNDAM" HGUC!
- The gorgeous kit by whole body optical 輝く plating finish!
- Reproduce the same golden armoring as 100 formulas by the plating part which shines.
Two beam sabers besides the possibility of modification by a substitution part, a large-sized rifle, and a shield are attached, and it is also play value.
- It is full reappearance about a flight form (wave rider) with a substitution part!
- An action pause is also free by the wrist part of a rich expression, and a broad movable region!
- MSN-001 Delta GUNDAM -- Variable MS which considers the visual book "GUNDAM MS グラフィカ" as the first appearance.
The figure which golden MS "100 Formula" originally aimed at.
It is supposed only with design data that construction is not carried out.
- Accessories : shield, beam rifle, and beam saber x2, the wrist for sabers (right), the wrist for rifles (right), an open hand (right and left), a grip hand (right and left)

Model Grade High Grade
Model Scale 1:144
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