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- The movie is doing very well!! The main MS from the movie of Mobile Suit Gundam 00 has
  already been decided for release!!
- The discussion to come, has begun. The MG 00 takes off!!
- The combine/separation gimmick of the sword bit has been fully reproduced!
- The 3 types of bits can be attached to GN Sword V, to turn into the Buster Sword or
  Rifle Sword modes.
- The Bit A and Bit B combines to form a new weapon. (MG Original Gimmick)
- The pose with the Buster Sword armed looks great! Also comes with the Action Base
  (Black) to display with!
- Uses the GN Shield bits firing form as new mechanism.
- Each lens parts are clear, reproduced vividly. The letters that shows up, and the lines have
  been reproduced with laser processing and foil sticker.
- The GN-Drive at the chest has been reproduced with panel-line mold. The panel-line that
  creates a sense of machinery has been produced specifically for the development of MG.

- Accessories: GN Sword V, GN Shield, GN Sword Bit A/B/C, 1/100 Pilot Figure
  (standing/sitting), Action Base 2

Model Grade Master Grade
Model Scale 1:100
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